Moving Tips

Moving Tips 

Moving is a stressful task below are some helpful moving tips which may relieve the stress and help prepare your clients their next move.

Two months before you move

  • Start to clean out things you won’t bring. Plan a yard sale to sell it. It’s not free to ship, so if you don’t need to get rid of it! clothes, old school projects and strange gifts from ex’s all fall into this category.
  • Start shopping around for a mover. Decide if you want to pack it yourself or have professionals pack for you. Generally two months is plenty of time though if you’re planning on moving in the summer months, you might want to start looking at 10 weeks in advance to be safe
  • Notify the post office current and new address.
  • Start talking to young children about the impending move. Moves to new locations can be traumatic  for young children. Preparing them in advance gives the child plenty of time to prepare for the move.

One month before you move

  • Start packing as early as one month before, you can buy boxes packing supplies (markers tape etc.). Pack rarely used china or off-season clothes (if they still fit!). When packing keep in mind that the most important to fill boxes to capacity. Underfilled boxes can get crushed and overfilled boxes can fall apart pick the right size box for the job, boxes should be between 25 and 35 LBS each
  • Notify doctors, dentist, and other service providers. Get a copy of medical records. Often people lose their medical records because they don’t see a physician or dentist for a while.

Two – One week(s) before you move

  • Notify telephone, gas, water, hydro, alarm, cable, credit card companies, banks, Internet service provider the change of address.
  • Make arrangements for babysitters/petsitters for moving day as necessary
  • Arrange time off work to prepare for the move and be present on moving day.
  • Confirm moving date and time with moving company. Provide them with new phone number and your cell number

One day prior to the move

  • Confirm telephones are working in order in both locations.
  • Defrost, drain, wash and dry refrigerators and freezers. Drain gas and oil from lawnmowers, generators and snowblowers. Disconnect propane tank from gas grill.
  • Valuables. There are a small number of things that you probably want to carry with you or in a personal suitcase. Passport, jewellery, cash and household deeds and other important documents should be set aside and stored in a safe place.
  • First Night. For each member of your household you all want to pack a few nights worth of clothes bedding, toiletries, etc. And dishwasher washer soap for meals remember that it will take you some time to unpack on the other end.

I hope you find this information helpful.